Milk_Shake Curl Passion Mask 200ml


Milk_Shake Curl Passion Mask is a rich mask for curly hair that gives deep hydration and conditioning, eliminating frizz. Grapefruit, apple and peach extracts, Jojoba oil and shea butter help to maintain long-lasting curls, leaving hair elastic, conditioned and shiny.

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Milk_Shake Curl Passion Range re-creates your curls!! A rich deeply penetrating hair mask by Milk_Shake hair products that gently cares for naturally curly hair. Milk_Shake Curl Passion Hair Mask uses active ingredients and blends oils and vitamins to ensure that your hair is full of moisture, easier to manage and eliminates unwanted frizz. You will have a head full of natural, beautifully formed curls that are full of bounce and vibrancy. Best results when combined with Milk_Shake Curl Passion Shampoo and Curl Designer!

What it does: Eliminates frizz, makes curly hair easier to manage

Best for: Curly hair